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3rd Annual John Hanna Sr Memorial Golf Tournament

Saturday Sempember 3rd, 2016

Click on image for details.

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Do you ride a motorcycle or are you thinking about getting a motorcycle? If the answer is yes, you should become a member of the IAFF Motorcycle Group.
The Arizona State Chapter of the IAFF Motorcycle Group was voted into existence at a meeting held at the Mesa Local 2260 union hall on 1/9/2016. Charter memberships will be available through the 2016 calendar year. Those who join the chapter prior to 2/1/2016 will have their names listed on the official charter document to be issued by the IAFF.
If you are interested in becoming a charter member of the Arizona Chapter of the IAFFMG please contact:
Joel Barnett, Arizona Coordinator/Chapter Chairman -
Jack Cravens, Arizona Chapter Vice Chair -
Chuck Shaffer, Arizona Chapter Secretary/Treasurer -
We would also like to get the word out to as many IAFF members as possible so if you know of anyone who might be interested please pass this message along.

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Prescott Firefighter Charities have restructured, please review the PFFC calendar for upcoming fundraising events.

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GivingBack AZ

A non profit organization consisting of a network of local professionals to provide our Community Heroes with specialized services at discounted rates that are not available to the general public.

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